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“MEDTL” makes every effort to provide high quality services. Nevertheless cannot exclude cases of errors in prices and other products characteristics and cannot ensure that there will be no disruption of website or “human” errors during the update/display of the price of a product. For the safety and efficacy of your purchases, if you find that a product is offered at unusually low or high price compared to its market value, before you proceed we urge you to contact customer support at 801 3504567 or through our website contact form, or by email to

We also recommend that before you make purchases from our online store to visit our  Help & Terms of Use page, where you will find useful information about the process and how to purchase products.

After placing an order you will receive an automated e – mail which will list the details of your order. After processing your order, Sales Department or MEDTL you will receive a second confirmation e – mail, listing the ordered products. From this point onwards a purchase contract between the two parties comes to act.

When you order you will receive a series of automated e – mails, which will indicate the progress of the order. These messages relate to the following steps/stages:

  • Order processing: When your order has been received, our company’s partner controls its correctness.
  • Picking stage: Your order is in the process of gathering all ordered products in our warehouse, followed by packing
  • Pricing stage: Order products were collected and initiated for upload to your space.
  • Partial invoicing: Some of the ordered products are not collected and are marked as pending. An e-mail shall be sent for the available products to be sent.
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled at your request or when not able to communicate with you to confirm your order.

In case of pending items to your order we will send an e – mail or/and sms to duly notify you. Alternatively we will contact you by phone on the number provided during your registration or your order registration on our site.

Disabling order progress status messages, is not possible, as these are considered as prerequisites for the proper handling of your order. We urge you to make sure, such messages can reach you and keep them throughout the duration of our transaction. Is your obligation, in the event that you do not receive the relevant e – mail in accordance with the general terms governing the transactions, to inform us without delay. Products are delivered as soon as possible and in any case not exceed thirty days from the conclusion of the contract. Products, for which there is a separate update are exempted.


      In the case of purchases placed online  (e.g. via the Internet), you can return a product and we will reimburse if you notify us in writing via the online contact form or if you call our customer service department dialing – from Greece or dialing 77787771 from Cyprus, within 20 calendar days from receipt of the product by you or by a third party of your choice. In case your order concerns a consignment of products, the time limit starts the moment you pick up the latest product of the consignment or the completion of the last order. Finally, in the case of the purchase of digital content that is not stored on a consistent basis, the period starts from the date of the contract initiation. By withdrawing from your purchase, you are obliged to return the product to us in its original pristine condition (as new) in which it was delivered or by providing us substantiated evidence that you have sent us back the aforementioned product within 20 calendar days from the date you exerted your right to withdraw from your order. Within the same 20 days, time interval, we are obliged to refund any amounts you have paid to us using the same methods of payment as the ones you chosen when you initially placed the order. In the case of electronic payment with a credit card we directly issue order to the card issuer to reimburse you while we cannot be held responsible for any delays of payment that are not due to us.

      The consumer shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods only as a result of the management of goods other than that which is necessary for the determination of the nature, characteristics and function of the goods. We are not responsible and will not compensate the consumer in the case that damage is cause to the goods from the consumer’s fault or in case of use which go beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods.

      In any case, the products you wish to return must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and receipts. Shipping costs of returning the product shall not covered by MEDTL.

      Withdrawal is not permissible as per article 3ib of law 2251/94 and in any other case  by law or as stated herein. You are not entitled to exercise withdrawal in products such as headphones, plasticine for hygiene reasons, sealed audio recordings or video recordings or sealed software for computers, which were unsealed after the delivery as well as in the case of digital content which is not supplied on a physical medium, if the execution started with the consumer’s prior consent and confirmation that loses the right of withdrawal. In case of purchasing devices that include software which is activated after a trial period for which the consumer is informed and within this period he/she shall be either withdraw or accept the product and the software. Withdrawal is not applicable if time trial activation period is expired without having exercised the right to do so.


      The producer of any product you purchase is liable for damage caused by a defect in his product. Any agreement limiting or exempting producer from liability is void. Claims against the producer for damages shall be barred after a period of three years after the victim has been informed or should have been informed of the loss, the defect and the identity of the producer. A decade after the circulation of the product occurs any rights of the injured party against the producer are void. In case of doubt as to the identity of the producer of a product you purchased from us, please let us know.

      Every perpetual consumer commodity is accompanied by the written warranty of the manufacturer of the product or the company that imported the product into the EU or of the company which shall affix on the product the manufacturer labels (the “Supplier”). Please give special attention to the conditions of the warranty from the vendor as to the other documents and information which are operated by the Vendor are included in the products and in particular those relating to information for safe use and maintenance of the products. We would like to specifically stress the following:

      The supplier shall provide to the consumer in writing, in Greek or with internationally established logos, clear and complete instructions for safe use, maintenance, servicing and full utilization of the product and information about risks in the use and maintenance.

      The warranty must include, with simple, readable and understandable wording in Greek, at least the name and address of the guarantee issuer, the product under warranty, the exact contents of the product, the duration and the extent of territorial validity. The warranty must be in accordance with the rules of good faith and not invalidated by excessive exceptions clauses. The warranty period must be reasonable in relation to the possible lifetime of the product. Probable product life is a reasonable time during which the product can be used as intended, even after repair or parts replacement, until the wear and tear of regular use make the product useless or economical unbearable from further use. Especially for high-tech products, the warranty period must be reasonable in relation to the time at which these products are expected to remain modern, technically wise, if that time is shorter than the probable duration of the product life. If a defect appears on a product during the duration of the guarantee and the supplier refuses or delays repair beyond what is necessary at a given time, the consumer shall be entitled to request the temporary replacement of the product with a new one of equal quality and characteristics or if not repaired to ask the breach of the contract. If the required repair time exceeds fifteen (15) working days, the consumer is entitled to ask for the temporary replacement of the product for the duration of the repair. The breach of the obligations of the Supplier shall not affect the validity of the guarantee, which the consumer may invoke and obliges supplier compliance. In case of replacement of the product or of a spare part warranty shall be renewed automatically for the new product or spare part.

      Beyond and apart of the warranty the Supplier of new and perpetual consumer goods must ensure consumer for a continuous provision of technical services, maintenance and repair for a period equal to the probable duration of the product life. Also, the Supplier must ensure consumers the possibility of supply of spare parts and other products, if any, that are required for their use in accordance with their intended purpose, for all the probable duration of the product life.

      In accordance to the above provisions, MEDTL as a product Vendor, and as aforementioned, will provide you with every possible assistance for the fulfilment of the conditions of Vendor warranty, without charge. This is applicable regardless of the maintenance services out of warranty period, that can be provided ad hoc at the applicable service rates.

      Finally MEDTL is responsible for all its obligation as per the applicable Vendor civil code. Especially in case of a defect of a product that we sell you (a) to request a repair free of charge or a replacement unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs (b) to request for price reduction and (c) to withdraw, except for minor real defect. These obligations do not exist in the event that the defect is caused by you, or by a close related or vague force majeure. In any case, the products must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and receipts, which apply to the Extended Warranty contract and are not transferrable from buyer to buyer. These obligations in any case are limited to two years.


      Without limiting the provisions of Witdrawal in article 9, the cancellation of an order may be made in the following cases: before completing the order, during the online ordering process you can go back, pressing “back” button and to remove the quantities of products from your basket by clicking on “Remove” button. If you have completed the online order but product is not yet shipped you can call – from Greece or 77787771 from Cyprus and one of our associates will take over your order cancellation. After receiving the product, call us at – from Greece or 77787771 from Cyprus or contact via e-mail website, explaining why you wish to cancel the order. One of our associates will assist you immediately and inform you about all your options. In the event that your order has already been invoiced and wish to cancel it, then contact our customer service department dialing – from Greece or 77787771 from Cyprus and provide the details of your order. However, please note that your order State (status) will not change on your account page.


       Credit card payment:

      Payment by credit card: MEDTL online store, accepts all major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and DINERS. Your transactions in our store are protected by the safest online Security system (SSL-256 bit and digital certification from Six) which guarantee a safe trading environment. For purchases with your credit card, follow the instructions in our online store. You will be prompted to fill in the order form and the number and expiration date as well as the 3-digit number (CVV) indicated on the back of your credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card you must be present upon receipt of your order with your credit card and your identity card. In this case (IE. payment via credit card) a third person who displays your credit card and wishes to pay and collect the product on your behalf, is not permitted. In case the order is carried out under a company’s name then the credit card has to be the corporate credit card. Meaning the credit card is issued on the company’s name and details. Upon receipt of the order the owner of the corporate credit cards has to be present and has his personal identification card, available.

      Payment upon delivery – Cash on delivery:

      Pay the partner of our company, with the delivery of your order to your place. Cash on delivery payment method is valid for Greece and Cyprus. In accordance with the applicable tax regulations, invoices worth more than €500 (Inc. VAT) for individuals (Receipt) and invoices worth more than 500 € (excluding VAT) for professionals/companies (sales invoice) should be settled ONLY with the following ways:

      Deposit/bank transfer

      Credit or debit card charge

      Pay your order to one of the following accounts of banks that we work with:


      IBAN : CY83 0070 3310 0000 0000 4021 1977


      and sent a copy of the bank payment order to our e-mail:, indicating your order number so as to be easily and quickly identifiable to us. Upon receipt of your transmitted proof of deposit or transcript of the completed transaction your order will be dispatched.

      Payment via PayPal

      Choosing as a payment method, PayPal, you will be automatically moved to the page of PayPal for the realization of the transaction and for the order payment. PayPal is the most well-known, safe and trusted mediator for Online transactions. If you don’t have an account PayPal you can subscribe here using a debit or credit card or via your bank account.

      Transactions conducted through PayPal are linked to customer’s registered address and cannot be combined with other payment methods. For questions or more information on payments through Pay Pal, please visit this page. Transactions conducted through PayPal are governed by the terms & Conditions of PayPal service. More information here.



      As soon as you post your order, you receive the following message (example): your order COMPLETED. THANK YOU. Your order number is 001222. Please check your e-mail. We have sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order. “

      Delivery dates and times: Delivery days are Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 17.00 pm for Greece and Cyprus.

      Receipt of goods: Within 2 to 3 working days in Greece and Cyprus. The above deadlines do not apply during periods of extreme weather conditions, strikes, and in any event of force majeure, which could affect the transportation times. In this case MEDTL works with certain courier and transportation companies. MEDTL submits the ordered products to such companies within 24 hours from order payment. Then, these companies will deliver the products to the end customer.

      Shipping / free delivery: Shipping is free of charge to Greece, Cyprus and all European countries


      Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

      The product has been delayed to be shipped from our supplier: In order to offer you very competitive prices, we order our products from a wide range of suppliers, either domestic or international. But there are cases where an order can be “stuck” at the Office or in transit, ending up not available to our warehouses when reporting our available stock. In such a case, we will contact you to ask you if you want us to deliver your order without this product or to suggest an alternative. This item will be shipped immediately upon its receipt to our warehouse.

      The product you ordered has already been removed or becomes unavailable, in the rare case where the supplier suddenly and unexpectedly announces the product is retired. In this case one of our staff will contact you to give you all the alternatives.

      In periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes, and in any event of force majeure, which could affect the transport and delivery of your order.

      In case you cannot be reached on the phone or contacted via e-mail (should there is a problem with your order, whether in relation to the product or in relation to the payment of the product) In example, the information you’ve entered are not properly updated. In each case the delay does not exceed thirty days from the contract initiation.


      MEDTL periodically sends newsletters. 
      MEDTL shall not be liable if the newsletter is not delivered to their destination, although will make every effort with the ISPs (Internet Service providers) for their delivery
      Newsletters may be delivered in your spam folder, so please check regularly that they are not stored there.
      Register MEDTL electronic address to your safe list
      In case you wish not to receive our newsletter or you wish to unsubscribe from our news platform you can notify us using the contact form site. 
      MEDTL uses a provider to identify (tracking) the recipients of the newsletter and does not deliver any information about name, surname, residence address to any 3rd parties.
      You can receive newsletters from MEDTL, only if you choose to and for as long as you wish. Conversely, if you have made an order with MEDTL by using our site, we send automated e-mails about the progress of your order. There is no way to disable these updates, as they are considered prerequisites for the proper progress of your order. Such e-mails we urge you to make sure they can reach you and to keep them throughout the duration of our transaction.

      It is your obligation, in the event that you do not receive the relevant e – mail in accordance with the general terms governing the transactions, to inform us without delay. Prices include VAT 19%



    These terms of use are applicable only to the product presentation pages and customer reviews.

    Submitting an evaluation and your product presentation at you agree and warrant that:

    Your presentation content is your own creation and is not a third party’s intellectual property

    The presentation does not contain abusive, religious or racist comments, insults towards other members of and third-party evaluations, discussions on pirated software, illegal activities or intentional abuse of the guarantee and the terms of use of the product

    Your presentation content refers to the product evaluation, not the listed price of the product and is not misleading or discredits deliberately.

    The presentation does not contain any e-mail addresses, third party personal information, telephone numbers, links from shops, malicious sites or content sites that does not relate to the product presentation

    Do not post multiple identical presentations (spamming)

    You agree that MEDTL (including all managers, employees and associates of the company) is not responsible for any legal or non issue occurred to a physical or legal entity as a result of ignoring the above terms of use.

    For each presentation and review that you submit, you give MEDTL full ownership of this material to copy, modify, delete entirely, adopt, publish, translate, use in any electronic or printed form and sold without copyright on it.

    Each presentation and evaluation can be used as MEDTL wishes to. MEDTL has the right to change, amend or delete any form of material that will be published in and its subpages, if it deems that the content constitutes abuse of the above terms of use.

    MEDTL does not guarantee that you will always have the ability to modify or delete the material you uploaded via Nevertheless, MEDTL has the right to remove or to refuse to post a presentation and evaluation for any reason.

    Writing a review or presentation in you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the writing and not MEDTL.

    Providing your e-mail address along with the presentation and evaluation of a product, you accept that MEDTL has the right to use it, to contact you about the status of the presentation or its assessment and for other administrative purposes.

    Please do not use greeklish Make your evaluation easy-to-read and understood using Greek characters.


    Tips for writing presentations
    To watch your presentation uploaded in you are advised to follow the simple rules below:

    To have actually used the product before you write your comments

    To give weight to the characteristics of the product and not the pricing or the ad

    Avoid using improper comments about other companies and websites, as well as personal information of yours or a third party’s. MEDTL wants to protect your anonymity

    Do you have a comment, question or topic that does not relate to product presentations or assessments? Please contact Call Center and your message will be sent directly to the appropriate Department.